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Mehrdad DOUSTI is an Iranian-Canadian who, in 1991, immigrated to Canada with altruistic values, and enriching his community as he decided to enroll in high school, and made his way to York University. In November 1999, he earned his Bachelor of Science from York University, and in July 2000, he earned his Unix System Administration from Seneca College.

Mehrdad DOUSTI gained employment in field of computer, and began to expand his horizon by going back to his original goal which was about helping other Canadian, particularly, new comers to Canada would integrate in mainstream society. Currently, Mehrdad DOUSTI is Chair, Persian Community Relation in Lower Mainland, VP for EDA for Conservative Party of Canada.

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Greetings from the Prime Minister


With the coming of spring, millions of people

around the world will observe the Persian New

Year, Nowruz. In recognition of the occasion, I am

delighted to extend my warmest greetings to all

those in Canada who are celebrating this holiday.

Marking the March equinox and the first day of the

Persian calendar, this centuries-old tradition is

filled with the hope and promise of a new year. It is

an occasion to reflect on the accomplishments of the

past year and look forward to building on these

successes in the year ahead.

In Canada, this celebration represents an opportunity to honour ancient customs

and share these proud commemorations with fellow Canadians. Canada draws

tremendous strength from the rich history and diverse heritage that shapes our

vibrant cultural landscape. I hope that you will enjoy the festivities with all the joy

and fellowship that this occasion brings.

On behalf of the Government of Canada and my wife Laureen, I would like to extend

my best wishes for a year filled with hope, peace and prosperity.


The Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper, P.C., M.P.

Prime Minister of Canada


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